Purchase Hydrant

Frost-free yard hydrants are installed to provide water to various locations in the farmyard during all seasons of the year. They are manufactured and installed in such a way that they will operate through-out the winter without auxiliary heat.
  • Cast iron head powder coated with locking eye
  • Outlet Brass 3/4" male BSP
  • Inlet valve 3/4" Female BSP
  • Brass Valve. Galvanised Connector & link
  • Up stand pipe 1" Galvanized
  • Bury Depth 24" ( In Clay) or 36" (in Concrete)
  • Overall Length 51 or 63"
  • Operates to -25deg & 80 Psi
  • Long life Nitrile Rubber plunger
  • Delivery: €10 per delivery.
  • We will deliver within 7 days.
  • Please ensure that you enter the correct delivery address.
  • Delivery within 32 counties of Ireland only.

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